Viar "Blue Wave" Gloss Poster (4 Sizes Available)

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     Introducing the Viar "Blue Wave" Gloss Poster - a mesmerizing work of art that will transport you to the soothing serenity of a poolside oasis. Picture this: shimmering reflections dancing across the water's surface, creating an ethereal symphony of colors that captivate your senses. Now imagine that awe-inspiring scene captured in flawless detail and printed with the utmost precision on our professional-grade gloss poster paper.

     This isn't just any ordinary poster. Oh no, the Viar "Blue Wave" is a thing of beauty that demands attention and appreciation. At a mind-boggling 1440 dpi, every intricate nuance and vibrant hue of Cheryl Viar's stunning photograph bursts forth with lifelike clarity. You'll feel as if you can dip your toes into the cool, crystalline depths of the pool just by gazing into this masterpiece.

     But what about longevity, you ask? Fear not, dear customer, for this work of art is crafted with fade-resistant inks that will maintain their brilliance even under the scorching rays of the sun. That's right - no matter how long your "Blue Wave" basks in the spotlight, its radiance will never dim.

     Now, here's the cherry on top: we've partnered with the ingenious minds at 3M to include their Poster Command Strips with every purchase. No more fussing with nails, hammers, or sticky residue on your walls. These magical strips allow you to effortlessly mount your poster with a simple peel and stick. It's never been easier to elevate your space and transform it into a gallery-worthy haven.

So what are you waiting for? Dive headfirst into a world of enchantment with the Viar "Blue Wave" Gloss Poster. Order now and unlock the gateway to a realm where beauty, serenity, and style effortlessly merge together.

Available Sizes:  19"x24" ~ 29"x36" ~ 38.5x48" ~ 48"x60"

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